They laughed when I tried to start my car.  

Have you ever been waiting for an email to arrive from a support desk when there is a problem with some of your software? Well thatÂ’s what I was doing so I decided to have a poke around on the net and I found cell so I managed to fill the waiting time with something worthwhile.

Are we having fun yet?  

What a day it's been and it's only 1:30 p.m. Yikes! The day started out with lots of snow falling. My son soon annouces that all schools are closed. Of course I started thinking maybe I should just take the day off and not fight the commute. But what if everyone, including my boss, makes to the office with no problems? I would look pretty foolish. So, I get dressed, drive to the park-and-ride, and catch the bus. Four hours later I make it to my desk. Yes, FOUR HOURS! And along the way, the bus hits a car, a truck, and gets stuck next to a light pole. Talk about a perfect day for sitting home researching ideal for my next project. Oh well, I learned my lesson for the next big snowfall.

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