I'm so tired of ...  

We're going on vacation in just over a week and I have so much to get done. Work has been crazy. I have a lot to do to clear my desk before I can leave with a good conscience. At home I need to get the laundry done and clean the house (I hate to come home to a dirty house!). We still don't know who is going to feed the cat while we're away because my in-laws are joining us halfway through the trip, and they usually do it. Ah, well, I cannot wait to get away and once I'm there I will forget about sar and just relax.


Grit your teeth and get on with it  

Am I losing my mind or what? I vote for the what answer. Anyrate I just spent several hours tearing my home office apart looking for my tax return from last year. I combed through storage bins, looked over file after file, and a big fat nada. Talk about frustration level through the roof. I even got the whole family involved in the seek and find. I was about to call it quits and just go online and get the forms from the government website, when I sat down at my desk. And guess what I saw? The file right on my desk, exactly where I now remembered I had set it last night so that I could start right away. And that only made my frustration magnify. Wow, what a waste. This is the last damn time I am going to set something out a day before just to make it easy for myself the next day. Yeah, right. That only works if you have no life and no variety of projects to juggle. After all that I am throwing in the towel for today and just going to get some downtime on the web and just browse the site on black I started looking at yesterday.


The more things change  

It looks like yesterday, I just met my wife! How fast the time gone by? I can't imagine how I would be in the present with out my lovest wife. She supports me everything. Many times, I got tired, bored or fail. She always said, I believe you! You can do it. And it became true. Next week, it'll be our 5th anniversary wedding day. I plan to give her a hand-made special gift. I'm looking for nail info to prepare for material. I really would like to surprise her! and hope she will love it.


Some more than others  

So I awoke this morning, thinking exactly how I should organise my day. Each day usually begins with no step by step plan on exactly how to make the next eight hours, worthwhile and fulfilling. Maybe I should start by searching the net for antique as this is a topic I have been putting off for the longest while. Will I be successful in obtaining information on this topic? Can there be consistency in working a full day? Will the focus be able to be sustained? Maybe I should stop asking questions and start working. Today I will start with a plan and assess my work at the end of the day.


My Favorite Time Of The Year!  

I was taking a walk around the neighborhood yesterday and ran into a neighbor. We chatted about a couple different things. What have you been doing? How’s the family? Small talk if you get my drift. As we left each other, I said I had to get home and work on a project involving stuff on 50th. My neighbor looked at me as though I was crazy. Maybe I am a little. Such is life when you are trying to get ahead in an up and down Internet business.


And now, the rest of the story  

Ok, I picked Sunday afternoon to visit IKEA and I know it hasn't been a good idea. Many people there of course but it should have been a great experience as always is. I felt one thing I never think before indeed. Actually I always imagine IKEA as a great place where to buy something like forniture or smal kitchen items. I like its style. It's so pure anti-baroque and modern. When I took a time shopping at IKEA, it help refresh my idea. I like to find earthlink stuff design and think how they do it.

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