I said it before  

I think a lot of us who are good finding information on the internet, take that talent for granted. I'm not braging but it seems rather simple to find just about any information on any subject using the net. My wife was trying to find inforamtion last week on chicago and wasn't having any luck. She would search with too specific search terms instead of keep the first search on chicago very broad and then narrowing it down after you see the results. Anyway, after she told me she couldn't find waht she was looking for, I spent about 10 minutes and emailed her 6 or 7 links pertaining exactly to chicago. She was amazed!!! I guess I still hold my place, in my own mind anyways, as information extractor extroidinare..........now IF I could just spell as well as I search!!!


Is it 5 O'Clock yet  

Well once again today shows just how the world of internet marketing can be like a nasty roller roaster ride. I mean one day your sales are exploding and then the next day they are flat and non-existent. I'll be really happy if things were stable with little or no fluctuations, as I'm sure any other business person would. I'm really hoping that the new research I did on hair over the last week will help to improve my conversion ratios and begin the slow climb to a steady online income.


Just like a prison wall  

Anyway, today left me free to lead the life of the intellectual, pondering whatever comes to mind. Somedays it is good to withdraw from the world, seeing what the world has to offer, if you don't go running to blogspot first thing in the morning. It is as Aristotle said: to be practical is to serve an end; to be impractical is to be free. For instances, I thought about east. Sometimes we get so caught up in making money and making sure we have enough air in our tires that we forget about the stuff that really matters. Also, I took a nap today.


I mean really!  

My teenage drivers fall into 1 of 2 categories. Either they are extremely careful and considerate drivers or they think that because they weren't caught, the traffice laws are just good ideas for the rest of the drivers. I'm telling ya, the worst offender is my daughter. She thinks those big red octagon shaped signs that say STOP are suggestions! My son's on the other hand, all three of them are the most careful and considerate drivers anyone would ever want to share the road with. So while I'm here looking for , my sons are paying much less in car insurance then the crazy girl because they are boys!


You have got to hear this...  

Oh no I had planned to start my day early so I could get a lot done today. I woke up 3 hours late and now I'm backlogged with researching loads of stuff about hairdresser to be completed. Should I put this off for tomorrow or just try to do as much as I can do today. I will try the latter because if I do more today about hairdresser the less I will have to do tomorrow.


Save the starving actresses!  

I need to get myself organized better. It seems that I have good intentions, but when I sit down at the computer, I end up checking my email, my newspaper online, different forums, and finally, when I get done with all these, I run out of time, or leave very little time for doing my research on breast. Do you think there is something wrong with me mentally or is that just my way of avoiding doing what I need to succeed? Oh, well, I still have a few minutes to get done what I had all day to do. Hope you are better with your time!


This is unbelievable  

Ever have one of those days that would have probably been better if you'd stayed in bed? My friend and I rarely argue but when we do, look out! This time it was over something as silly as hair and after we got it all out of our systems, we had a good laugh cause we realized how stupid it was to argue about something so trivial. Just another lessoned learned I guess.

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