Todays thought  

Today has been an enjoyable day. I am reminded of how much my family means to me and of all the many blessings that are mine to enjoy. I don't believe that there has ever been as great a time to live as the time in which we now live. Knowledge is flooding the world, new advances in almost every field of endeavor. The only limits we have are the ones we put on ourselves. As one searches on the internet, it is overwhelming to realize the vast amount of knowledge available on ice Life really is great!

Sometimes Two and Two Makes Five  

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day. We had the kids over and grilled some burgers and hot dogs. My oldest daughter, and her daughter, even made it though she was sick. That was really nice as the point of the get-together was to remake a photo of them with their pets. See, my youngest daughter had found an old photo of the three kids with their new pets (two puppies and a kitten) taken almost 15 years ago on the steps of our house at the time. One of the dogs...well, she will be taking a last ride to the vet very soon. We just wanted to remake that photo before it's too late. After the photo my son complained about how the steps had shrunk in 15 years. lol It was great sitting around and chatting about things and catching up. After they left, I finally was able to get online. However I was pretty tired so I just did some browsing around the web and came up on the strangest websites about harry. What will they think of next?


Guess what? I don't do flying leaps  

Wow did I have a great workout today, I really got into the zone and was able to rally push myself. Talking about pushing yourself, have you ever found that when your feeling tired and don't want to exercise those are the days that you really hit new peaks. I am feeling that way right now with my Internet business, I really am tired of building sites only to find that there delisted a few days or weeks later. Anymore I am not getting the ROI I was looking for the amount of work I put in, to me there is a level where your time is worth so much. I am now starting to searh for cat to stear my business in a different direction.


This is so crazy but true  

What a beautiful day. I woke up this morning and felt like a million bucks. It’s seldom that I jump right out of bed in the early morning and feel ready for whatever the day brings. Maybe I’ll call in to my job sick today and just enjoy this terrific feeling while it lasts. Who knows what will happen next? Maybe I’ll get on the computer and just search for things that interest me. What the heck, maybe I’ll even search for things like pink that I know nothing or very little about. My interests run in all sorts of directions when I get this feeling. I think today is going to be sensational.


I slipped in the shower this morning  

Have you even stopped to think about how life is different now than how it was when you were a child? You know, back in the "Good Ole Days". Think about it. What did you have in your house when you were 10 years old? Did you have air conditioning? Color TV? Some of us are older than others. But, there are quite a few differences in living today than just a few decades ago. If you don't really make yourself conscience of them, they can sneak up on you. What would be your idea of the most significant innovation that has come along during your lifetime? A good example for the 1980s might be the VCR. And, the microwave oven. Most of us would agree that the home computer would be the winner for the 1990s. With the home computer, we could do an enormous number of things such as research, making foriegn friends, or looking up almost any subject in the world. Just this morning, I was able to use my computer to check out variable. I never would have dreamed of this when I was a child!


I love it when a plan comes together  

Thought I might cheer myself up a bit by catching up on whats been going in the world with some surfing? Not that scanning through the news is a surefire way to beat the blues - I just read about pre and also that Lance Armstrong and his fiance Sheryl Crow have split up !Seems abit odd after anouncing on their engagement so recently? They relelased a press statement to People magazine saying that they have made the very difficult decision to split up. I am shocked - but then again i just hate it when people break up. Specially such cool couple.


Malice In Wonderland! 

I went to cut my hair today and the hair dresser was busying with another client and I had to wait about half an hour before it was my turn. This guy who was sitting next to me started a conversation with me when he saw that I was reading this book on Japanese Garden and he began to tell me about how he felt about the book and that it was actually a load of crap. I didn't wasn't really in mood to talk or even listen but I couldn't be rude so I had to just hear his opinion. But I really didn't care to listen to what he had to say. I'd really rather continue reading my book. Well, I was so glad when it was finally my turn to for the hair dressor to cut my hair. It was a long painful wait.


Looking out the window... 

We just had beautiful weather this past weekend, but ask me if I had time to enjoy it! You guessed it, just got my computer from the shop again. This is the third time in nine months. The computer tech told me it was time to consider purchasing a new computer. Well, I can't afford to not have my computer for days at a time. I have to figure out what I need though. This shop will custom build for me as well, so this time I'll make sure I get exactly what I need. Well time to get back to work. Still searching for minneapolis/dj for a friend of mine.

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