I forgot again...  

So I hired yet another lawn company that promises to keep my grass green and weed free. I was very hesitant as the last two failed to do their job, one of them so horribly bad that half my front lawn died. They kept telling me it was a water issue but after my research on speed I knew what the real culprit was...bugs. Even when presented with these facts they still said I did not have a bug problem. Ironically my neighbor was having the same issue and hired the same company I used. Believe it or not they told him the problem with his lawn was bugs! I was so mad that I cancelled my contract with them that same day!


I slipped in the shower this morning  

I'm shopping for an aquarium these days. I'm going about it slowly, because I have in mind one of those big 50-gallon jobs. And I'm planning to construct a 'river system' with pumps and piping that produce a one-way flow of water through the area where the critters live. I was happily googling along on this topic, when my wife asked me if I knew anything about [keyword]. I said no, but it was obvious she wanted information. Google came through again with this site: http://videocamera.youradvice.info/discontinued-camera-accessories.html, providing more than she expected.


Here I sit, broken hearted.  

DANG if these guys think I'm going to PAY money for a a tool that doesn't provide acurate information. I mean I'm going to tell you right now, you can forget it!



Last night, I went to a 90th birthday party for a family member. Now to some, this may seem like a rather dull evening...unless you happen to really appreciate fine wine and excellent food. The event was held at an upscale Italian restaurant that I had not been to before. The specialty salad for the evening was probably the best salad I have ever eaten...seared tuna over a bed of spring greens and an Asian dressing. Outstanding! For the main course I had a risotto with salmon, shrimp, and calamari in a light, spicy tomato sauce. It was absolutely fabulous! In addition to the great food, I got to meet some very interesting people. I must say, the entire evening was much more interesting and fun than staying home and looking at sites on the internet.


I'd buy it and take a bat to it perhaps  

I was listening to an interesting audio book today while driving to work. It was in reference to the power of this moment, not the past or future but now. How many of us are stuck in our past lifes memories are striving for a future that we hope will give us what we do not have now. Isn't there a saying that you need to live each day as if it is your last? When you observe your mind and only watch what thoughts come into existance you will see what I mean. If you were thinking about colorado and it keep reminding you of a past memory it only adds to your ego. What is our ego? Is is a collection of who we are from the past until the future, but what if I told you that is nothing? You can only live now, no matter when you are reading this you can only exist in this space in time. If you don't believe me then go enter your mind and find the meaning to colorado. Once you find that you will realize that this very moment is the most precious, the time you are alive.


The Pros And Cons On Tanning Beds Health at Tannin  

My mom called yesterday to remind me that my brothers wife and my nephew are in town until Saturday. Haven't seen them since Christmas and will be nice to visit with them again. My nephew Sam is 8 years old now and mom mentioned how fast he is growing.

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