Observations from a couch potato  

Wouldn't you know it, everytime I think I have an original idea, someone else has already been there... done that! What's a guy to do? I wish someone would invent an 'original idea machine' to churn out original thoughts on estate, or any other topic I wanted. Showing up in second place day after day is getting a bit discouraging for me, and it's not like there's an over-abundance of original ideas here anyway! Oh well, back to the grindstone - maybe the next one will be a big winner!


Is the value the pretty cover? I think not!  

My dear blog reader...what a shitty few weeks I've had to say the least. If you've been reading my blog for a while you know that I have been very busy moving to our new house. This has been a great experience for the most part, don't get me wrong. Somehow between moving and getting settled down...my worst nightmare became reality. My mood swinged when I was confronted with NO Internet access. I called my ISP to check out what the !?xO@!? was happening! The person on the phone told me with a friendly voice that my notification of address change had not been received due to a error on their part. I asked what to do. Can you believe how upset I was to hear that I had to wait 4 weeks before they could connect me to the Net again. 4 WEEKS! Man are you kidding me! I told her that I need to have access a lot sooner than that. I told her I run a business on the Internet and I need access to look for information about lymph because that's what I do for a living. They way things are going now I'm probably loosing money. I will write more about my bad experience within a few weeks when I have access again from my home. These Internet Cafe's are expensive you know....See ya....


Kadima Faces Task of Forming Coalition (AP)  

Acting Israeli  Prime Minister Ehud Olmert waves to supporters as they  celebrate after early exit polls in Israel's general elections showed the victor... read more <a  href=here and here some Cheap stuff to check out.


Cricket: England tumble to India  

Harbhajan Singh triggers an England collapse to snatch the opening one-day match for India by 39 runs in Delhi.... read more here and here some cosmetic dentistry stuff to check out.

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