Every day I put in a good hard day's work. Of course, some days are better than others. Those others can be rough sometimes. Everything goes wrong and in a twelve hour shift, that is a lot! By the end of the shift, I am dragging -- and then something magical happens. My energy starts to flow again and I am looking forward to my time off from work. All I can think about is debt -- and how I can take advantage of this opportunity....


Pakistan Islamic school destroyed  

Security forces in Pakistan demolish an Islamic seminary in North Waziristan for suspected Taleban links.


Secured Credit Card  

Sometimes the complete ignorance of someone can truly amaze me. And instead of completely going off the handle and wiggin out on some ignorant person, rather, I hold it back and decide later on to do something totally random and without thought, like ignorant people do, and surf the net for anything. Like the other day, I just randomly surfed for secured credit card and cannot even remember how the hell I even got on that topic. Is it not amazing how you could end up on something like secured credit card from doing absolutely nothing but harmless surfing? It makes me even wonder how I get from home to work and back. Hehe


At 21/2, Baby Chloe giving back kisses and a whole  

DAILY WORLD / KATHY QUIGG Chloe Estes, who?s making strides toward walking on her own, gets support from her mom, Carla, while sisters, Emma, left, and twin Ainsley, play by her side.

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