I bet you watched Office Space and felt it was your life. Except for that embezzlement thing. Tired of the rat race? So was I. Is your boss insensitive when you need time off? Mine was. Do managers hover over everyone like you're children? Mine did.

Working 9-5 in corporate America these days is not fun anymore. Layoffs, firings, low raises or no raises at all, low morale. It's not the fun place you used to work at. There have been so many cutbacks that your 15 minute break has even been cancelled. Don't laugh. It happened where I worked.

In January, when I was notified I was going to be laid off, I panicked. Then I started applying for every job in my field I could find. Four years ago I was very selective in my applications, got interviewed everywhere I applied which was four, and had two job offers. This year was different. I applied for 40 jobs, got 3 interviews, and never got a job offer. It's horrible out there.

So I started looking for jobs online. Still no job offer or even an interview. I started looking for ways to make money that I hadn't considered. While searching for making money, work from home, fast cash I stumbled across an ebook (an online book you can download) called Google Cash. It described how to make money advertising products other people make and you get a commission. Cool. You buy ads on Google and when people click your ad and buy, you get money.

That worked but not as good as I had hoped. So I searched some more, hung out in forums, read websites and found Rosalind Gardner's ebook The Super Affiliate Handbook. A very good book on how to create a website advertising products other people you can buy online. Good book. But I was still confused on some parts.

Then I found the mother lode. James Martell's book The Affiliate Marketer's Handbook. Promoting products means you are an affiliate. It's called affiliate marketing. James' book is incredible. He walks you through, step by step and I mean every step is covered, on how to pick domain names, create the site, write the content and how to get the traffic. I am still impressed. He doesn't stop there either. He has a support site that is extensive and you can email or call anytime.

I bought the book and started making two websites. Then I wondered if I fell for his hype that he pulls down $20,000 a month. That's right. No typo there. I started emailing other purchasers of his book to see if it was all hype, or if they were really making money. Amazingly I got replies back to my emails. Even more amazing was that yes they were making money. They made enough money every month that they quit their jobs. They are making even more money than they were when they quit their jobs.

I read the stories of purchasers of James Martell's book at GotDot.com. People are really making money, a lot of money doing this. I had no idea there was this much money out there in affiliate marketing. Did you know the top affiliate for ebay.com made $1.4 million in January? That was one month!

So this blog is dedicated to my affiliate marketing attempts. I'm not the only one getting laid off and we all need money rolling in every month!

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